Kirby & Tey Wedding in Ios, Greece

Ios with the wonderful beaches with emerald waters, the picturesque villages and intense nightlife, set the perfect background for an amazing wedding. The ceremony took place in the Odysseas Elytis amphitheatre, with the stunning view and you could feel the love and joy in the atmosphere as Kirby and Tey united, with those big smiles and eyes filled with love, pledging eternal love to each other. The celebrations continued through the night and the morning found everyone dancing in the VIP party in one of the clubs of Ios.

Kirby & Tey thank you for letting us be a part of your big day. We wish you a life full of love and happiness and big smiles!

The wedding of Kirby and Tey in Ios island, is one of those weddings that reminds us how lucky we are to be travelling to meet amazing couples and film their special moments.