Alexandra & Alon Wedding at Kalesma Mykonos


Alexandra and Alon's wedding film captured the mesmerising three-day Jewish wedding in Mykonos at the Kalesma venue, which overflowed with love, happiness, and timeless traditions. The exquisite location added an extra touch of enchantment, making it an indelible and cherished experience for all.

The festivities commenced with a heartfelt Shabbat dinner at Kalesma, brimming with emotional moments that transitioned into a lively celebration with traditional Greek music, lively dancing, and the joyful smashing of plates. The following day treated guests to a relaxing and delightful time at Agios Ioannis beach, where they reveled in the sun, sea, and indulged in the delectable flavors of Mediterranean cuisine at Pili restaurant. However, the pinnacle of the celebration arrived on the wedding day itself. Alexandra and Alon pledged their eternal love beneath a beautifully adorned chuppah, with the magnificent Aegean Sea as a breathtaking backdrop. It was a moment that radiated pure bliss and left an everlasting impression on all who witnessed it. As the night unfolded, everyone danced their hearts out, reveling in the couple's genuine joy and contagious excitement. The festivities continued until the early morning hours, leaving everyone with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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