We are big supporters of teamwork, so when Panagiotis Kouloukakos from “The 12 Events” reached out to us with the idea for this video, we immediately thought of collaborating with some of our talented Greek wedding filmmaker friends and create something together. Soon, Setty Lepida joined and with the beautiful words she wrote, she inspired us and took the whole film a step further. A film made from unique moments of love and the amazingly talented and passionate professionals working to make dreams come true and create memories that last a lifetime.

Love like Greece

Balmy seas lapping its endless coasts, piercing blue skies and starlit drama, beauty hewn out of stone, perched over towering rocks. Greece goes beyond the steps where the Olympians fought. It is grandeur and massive marble, but it is also bold modernity and eloquent art of every form, only to be surpassed by the intensity residing in its people’s hearts. Greece is where all the things get born and days of sublime joy and powerful emotions could not be but its unequivocal core.

Love like Greece

Love Like Greece is a collective work. The visionaries behind it, the best at their craft, creatives whose insight and passion meld to envelop what we consider to be the beginning of all things, the measurement of all time: LOVE.

Love like Greece

Consider this our invitation to the land of slanting light… or as we have it over here… “Ela”


With Heart Films / Nikos Dimou / Kostas Kastanakis / Jim Grillas


Setty Lepida


Aris Gerontakis


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