We have been lucky to have travelled in many beautiful destinations to meet new people and film their stories. Every time is a unique experience but this particular time our journey didn’t just take us to a small beautiful island but back to our roots, our past, at a time when everything was simpler and at the same time tougher.
This time we followed AIM and Omada Aigaiou to the distant, small island of Thymaina, to film the smiles of the eight children that live there, as AIM made a reality their wishes and build the first playground on the island.
We feel extremely honored that we made this journey with them, as we had the chance to see the work that AIM and Omada Aigaiou are doing in all these islands they are visiting and how the people repay that with big bright smiles and open hearts, making everyone feel like home.
And the journey to bring smiles to people, no matter how far they are, continues…

Filmed & Directed by George Kasionis & Stam Tsopanakis
Consulting: Panagiotis Fafoutis
Music by Art List : We are echoes – We are echoes & John Dousk

Special thanks to the people of Thymaina for the hospitality & support.


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